Friday, 4 May 2012

It sounds different... What happened to my bat?

Given the inclement weather we've been having in the UK recently, our practice nets have moved indoors again. No surprise really since netting in your waterproofs wouldn't look out of place. We had the pleasure of enjoying the luxurious setting of Loughborough's Cricket Academy in order to hone our half-baked technique's. We can say that the facilities are more than adequate.

I padded up to go in to bat, and within a few minutes had noticed something weird. My bat felt completely different. I was getting all kinds of "feedback", by this I'm referring to vibrations. I kept checking my bat all over worried that I'd broken it in some way, but there was nothing.

It wasn't until I hit a ball square of the wicket that it dawned on me what was different. Sound, I was right next to a wall. When I hit the ball there was an unpleasant loud sound, well loud and unpleasant as you get when you hit a cricket ball. I realised that the sound had hit the wall and come back at me, not in a malicious or vindictive way. But it certainly made me realise that sound from the impact was travelling all over the place and it was certainly unusual to my ear. Outside, I've never experienced this with my current bat.

I can only assume that the feedback I was getting from the bat was as a result of the unpleasant sound reverberating off the wall. Now my understanding of sound waves, vibrations and how they travel through different materials is limited. So I'll have to do some research.

We shall see...