Friday, 11 May 2012

The marriage of science and sports equipment.

After my unusual experience with the sound of my bat apparently changing, I proceeded with a little bit of research into vibrations and sound. I can now report back and confirm I'm none the wiser at this point. However during my investigations I did learn a lot more about Moment of Inertia, Coefficients of Percussion and some other sciency words. Whilst it wasn't about cricket bats specifically, I think the information is transferable in some way to the land of willow and leather.

One area of particular interest was the regulation of sports equipment. Specifically how governing bodies of certain sports had both curtailed the performance of equipment, but at the same time they'd worked with the various manufacturers helping them to find ways to exceed the performance limits without breaking their stringent rules. Thanks very much! I'm not sure if the MCC would be so accommodating.

Getting sidetracked is nothing new, so I'll have to do some more reading before I can post a  coherent argument as to why my bats sounded and felt different. At this point it seems more psychological than being based on anything discernibly quantifiable. So I fear my reading may lead me back to the land of my chosen degree, Psychology, and the never ending sea of subjectivity.

I'll report back with my findings.